Men are also times to depilate the face

Men are also times to depilate the face

There seems to be a hair removal method exclusively for the face on a woman who is concerned with facial hair growth.

I imagine the treatment of the portion where relatively thick and thick hair grows, such as arms and legs, side armpits from the word of hair removal, but indeed everyone knows that hair loss treatment is being done on the face as well. Actually I did not know until recently.
Although I am such a person, I have received a treatment to take a bigger hokko that I had on my cheek in plastic surgery in the past with a laser.
Because things that were originally from the childhood became adults and became little by little, I was worried that this tip might be lesioned.
Laser irradiation is only a moment. After that, the part that applied the light swells red, but as soon as it gets subsided, the color of the hooks gradually decreases as time passes.
And now it is smooth to the extent that I could not believe there was a hookmark there.
Hair loss of the face is being done using a medical laser as used at this time.

Medical laser breaks the hair root by irradiating the melanin pigment of the hair root with a laser.
If the hair root is destroyed, the hair growing beyond that is a mechanism.
As a feature of this laser, it will first be said that the irradiation time can be short.
It also makes me nervous from the experience of myself receiving the treatment to take a hook.
Further short treatment time means that less strain on the skin can be done.
If you aim to permanently depilate, there are individual differences, but on average it is almost satisfactory results by receiving about six irradiations in about a year.
The hair produced by your face will make it look dull like the whole face, so if you can, I would like to lose it. Of course it is also good to regularly process them yourself, but it may be better to ask the experts to handle them from the hair root cleanly.

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