Men are also times to depilate the face

Men are also times to depilate the face

Successful depilation of the face! This is the skin of minus 10 years old.

Since I was concerned about unwanted hair on the face a while ago, I decided to go to an esthetic salon nearby.
When there is unwanted hair, it also affects make-up riding, and my daughter also said, ""Mother, my hair grows under my nose, it stands out!
It's embarrassing! I have always thought that.
I used a laser at the salon I did.
It is gentle on the skin and approaches only unwanted hair.
Salon's technology is also getting considerably higher in this era. I want to experience hair loss carefully here, I want to look back at my daughter ... It was such a feeling.
Another hairy person is disgusting thing even if I look in the mirror.

I am a full-time housewife so I can spare time in the daytime.
So I decided to go three times a week at noon time.
I think that I passed about 10 times so far.
As a result of depilating hair on the face of the face in the salon, the pore tightening effect made the pores smaller and less conspicuous.
I also have trouble, the hair below the nose is not noticeable at all. Also at the time of depilation, since hyaluronic acid and a gel of a plant extract formulation are used, the feeling that good ingredients penetrate is unbearably pleasant.
After depilation, you can feel that pores are tight and tight.
So you can expect an esthetic effect.
In addition, since hair is moisturized with collagen and hyaluronic acid plenty after hair removal, beautiful skin effect lasts.
My skin now is transformed into a face that looks cosmetic better, the face color is bright and looks very shiny.
minus 5 years old, no, minus 10 years old.

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